Why You Need a Dedicated Renewals Manager?

The Asystec Renewals team have transformed how hundreds of organisations manage their IT assets and maintenance contracts. Having a dedicated and highly trained Renewals Specialist to provide you with tailored recommendations can ensure compliance, cost reduction, visibility, accurate budget forecasting and the liberation of your internal resources. Asystec utilise expert knowledge and vendor relationships to offer complete renewal management across a wide range of technologies.

Common IT Maintenance Issues

60-70% of quotes received from suppliers have an error of some description. This can be for a variety of reasons but most commonly it is because the kit isn’t being managed efficiently and the channel of communication isn’t open between the end user and the vendor.

IT departments tend to be fast paced and support contracts do not tend to fall under one person’s job description.  As a result of this, and the time constraints that are associated with support contracts, orders are placed without being checked, often leading to potential over-charging while trying to avoid dreaded reinternment fees.

A common, costly mistake that can often occur is when serials on support contacts are forgotten or obsolete serials are left on. This can be a result of replacing parts due to failures and not informing the OEM of the new serial. A serial number being left off can mean a critical piece of kit is not supported

As different pieces of kit require varying levels of cover, if these aren’t checked it can lead to your mission-critical kit not getting the support it needs, or you end up paying for support that is too high on some items.

Why You Need a Dedicated Renewals Manager?

Most organisations don’t have dedicated personnel responsible for renewals management within an organisation. This often leads to reduced visibility on upcoming renewals which can have detrimental effects on your organisation.

Organisation’s without a structured renewals manager/system are at risk of;

  • Losing vital support through missed renewal date
  • Incurring reinstatement fees
  • Inaccurate budgetary forecasting
  • Making errors due to the varied vendor processes and procedures

Asystec Asset Management Services

  • Renewal Portfolio Management – Asystec monitor your entire renewal portfolio, so you have visibility of exactly what is due and when.
  • Compliance Analysis – Monitoring all contracts to establish and maintain compliance across your IT estate.
  • Cost-Saving Recommendations – Analysing your contracts, making recommendations to reduce your IT maintenance spend. We typically save our customers 15-20% in the first year.
  • Dedicated Account Manager – A dedicated Renewals Specialist who is an expert in your unique IT estate and the individual needs of your business.
  • Prolong Asset Life – We facilitate maximum return from your IT investments by providing support contracts for assets that are end-of-service with the vendor.
  • Asset Recycling – Our data erasure services are fully certified and adhere to the highest security standards.

For more information check out our renewals web page or contact Sinéad on renewals@asystec.ie