Data Access Management

Company Name: Confidential Country: Ireland Industry: Financial Services Number of Employees: 11,086 employees Key Vendor(s): Varonis

Business Requirements

Audit trail required for data access. Visibility of Permissions. Periodic Entitlement reviews. Reduce costs by removing the requirement for access control requests to be sent to a third-party IT admin supplier.

The Delivery

  • Varonis DatAdvantage provides full visibility of permissions and also provides a full audit trail of data access.
  • Varonis DataPrivilege provides periodic entitlement reviews and also provides a workflow engine for handling access control requests which do not require IT administrator intervention.

What Did We Do?

Asystec provided technical resources, data analysis & training from design to roll out, including:

  • Bespoke design documentation
  • Customisation & configuration of Varonis suite
  • Pruning of unnecessary nested permissions to make entitlement reviews practical.
  • Remediation of Permissions for Data Privilege. E.G. removing multipurpose groups and replacing them with single purpose groups and populating using Varonis DatAdvantage permissions modelling
  • Installation of DatAdvantage & Data Privilege
  • Training for IT administrators and End Users
  • Providing ongoing consultancy service (draw down professional services days) as/when required.

Core Technologies

  • Varonis DatAdvantage
  • Varonis DataPrivilege

Client Benefits

  • Reduced Threat Vector – reducing the risk of suspicious data loss due to tightening of access management.
  • Full audit trail of User access rights (Entitlement reviews) and User Activity supporting compliance requirements.
  • Simplified management generating time savings due to ability to investigate potential breaches or data loss.
  • Cost savings due to the elimination of the need for a third party vendor to support access management.
  • Time savings due to ability to quickly and seamlessly handle user access requests.

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