Data Migration

Company Name: Confidential Country: Europe (multiple sites) Industry: Financial Services Number of Employees: 3,600 Key Vendor(s): VMware and Cisco

Business Requirements

As part of ongoing capacity upgrades and business transformation projects this client purchased a new VCF on VxRail infrastructure through Asystec for multiple sites in Europe. During the consultation process we identified the need to migrate the existing workloads from the existing infrastructure to the new environment once deployed.

The Delivery

  • Project management of entire process
  • Develop migration paths for differing workloads
  • Perform both hot and cold migrations

What Did We Do?

Asystec personnel worked closely with customer’s staff to perform the services specified below.

  • Perform a workload analysis
  • Identify Applications, Application Dependencies and Application Owners.
  • Design migration path(s) to the new environment
  • Develop migration plan based on application, use case, availability, migration time and constraints.
  • Validated Migrations paths
  • Perform migrations as per plan , including post migration testing.
  • Decommissioned old hardware once the customer had internally decommissioned the assets.

Core Technology

VMware vSphere & Cisco Networking

Client Benefits

  • Simplified project management as one partner for complete new technology provision and post deployment migration activities – Asystec provided the new technology platforms, installation, migration and removal of the decommissioned kit and data destruction.
  • Cost savings by acquiring highly skilled resources for a particular project without the long term cost commitment of employment.
  • Consolidated reporting as a result of a standard service available for global deployment.
  • Time savings due to reduced ‘time to delivery’ as a result of the streamlined Asystec service delivery.
  • Improved experience for the customer as Asystec managed the entire process

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