SC Storage Expansion

Company Name: Gas Networks Ireland Country: Ireland Industry: Multi-Utility/ Home Energy Number of Employees: 1.300 Key Vendor(s): DellEMC

Business Requirements

Provide additional storage on their existing SC4020s across their 3 sites in Cork, to increase the Oracle  Database and VMware datastore available capacity.

The Delivery

  • Perform pre sales systems Health check to validate that the array can take the additional capacity and performance without exceeding the recommended performance limits.
  • Offer a set of storage upgrade options.
  • Provide the customer a list of pre-requisites prior to Disk install
  • Perform Disk Installation across their 3 sites
  • Post install validation, Raid rebalance and enable replication
  • Ensure a fully managed end to end Project via internal Project management practice.

What Did We Do?

Asystec PM and Technical lead worked closely with the customer’s team to execute the Disk install in 3 phases, each site:


  • Perform full system health check to ensure correct version of SCOS and that the systems were in a healthy state prior to upgrade.
  • Confirm that recent backups had been completed and that an offline phone home has been initiated and collected.


  • Add additional disks in each SCv4020 & SC220.
  • Confirm new disks are detected and present.
  • Perform RAID rebalances.
  • Enable replication & disable maintenance mode.
  • Verify all process are complete and all arrays are error free.


  • Validate all storage is now available to hosts and that volumes can be expanded.

Core Technologies

Compellent Storage

Client Benefits

  • Overall improved storage performance as workload was distributed across a greater number of SSDs.
  • Capacity uplift provided the additional space for application growth required for the remaining period of support for the storage system covering the two main workloads.

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