Stale Data Remediation

Company Name: Confidential Country: Ireland, Spain, Portugal Industry: Insurance Number of Employees: 45,000+ Key Vendor(s): Varonis

Business Requirements

Identification of stale data and movement of same data to secure location

The Delivery

  • Varonis DatAdvantage provides full visibility of aged data based on meta data and access activity
  • Varonis Data Transport Engine gives the customer the ability to move identified data in bulk and on schedule to a new location, either preserving permissions or removing permissions in transit.

What Did We Do?

Asystec provided technical resources, data analysis & training from design to roll out, including:

  • Worked with the customer to determine what they deemed as stale data
  • Generation of reports to provide a detailed list of stale data, that was issued to data owners prior to any movement of data
  • Creation of application rule to move the specific data and scheduling of same rule to run at a time that suited the business
  • Working with the data owners to exclude certain folders from being migrated
  • Final configuration and testing of stale data rule
  • Post data migration health check
  • Providing ongoing consultancy service (draw down professional services days) as/when required.

Core Technologies

  • Varonis DatAdvantage
  • Varonis Data Transport Engine

Client Benefits

  • Easy identification of stale data
  • Ability to identify all data pre-migration and report on same to data owners to verify
  • Click and forget scheduling of tool to migrate the data out of business hours creating timing savings by automating an otherwise long and arduous process.
  • Cost savings on storage by removing data that is no longer used to a lower tier of storage
  • Improved security by reducing data that is no longer used, to a limited access location

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