Storage Array Rebalance & Expansion

Company Name: Confidential Country: Ireland Industry: Pharmaceutical Number of Employees: 8,000 Key Vendor: Dell Technologies

Business Requirements

  • Rebalance an uneven distribution of storage across their existing VB340 platforms following a significant configuration and strategic change. This was leading to challenges in deploying new workloads due to lack of available storage.
  • Increase the available storage by approximately 50TB per array.

The Delivery

Redistribute the available storage across the currently deployed platforms and add some additional disks to ensure that the added storage meets or enhances the current performance profile of the storage pools.

What Did We Do?

Asystec provided technical resources, data analysis from design to implementation:

  • Provided an analysis of the current storage arrays from a capacity, configuration and performance perspective.
  • Proposed an option for the redistribution of disks.
  • Designed options for the addition of new disks across the 3 storage tiers to deliver the additional performance, capacity and consistency for the remaining life of the platform which matched the business need and budget.
  • Attended site and installed the new disk trays, disks and redistributed the imbalanced storage across the arrays in a non-disruptive process.

Core Technology

DellEMC / VCE VB340

Client Benefits

  • Ability to gain the full value of the previously isolated storage by allowing it to be configured in each array and used as part of a fully active active solution.
  • Expanding the current storage footprint in the knowledge that the current arrays are capable of delivering additional workload now and into the future.

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