Tier 1 Enterprise Storage Upgrade

Company Name: Confidential Country: Ireland Industry: Financial Services Number of Employees: 5,000 Key Vendor: Dell Technologies

Business Requirements

  • Consolidate numerous Tier 1 storage platforms into a single platform capable of supporting both Open Systems and Mainframe workloads.
  • Built on Flash technology to drive data storage efficiencies and reduce latency in the environment resulting in a greatly improved €\GB cost.
  • Deliver performance to the business that would greatly increase daily “batch” tasks for account reconciliations.

The Delivery

  • Full storage analysis of the current platforms to see overall performance from I/O, throughput, and latency perspective to see what the benchmark that had to be beaten was.
  • Created design based on requested storage capacity including overhead for growth and conservative Data Reduction Ratios.

What Did We Do?

  • Provided full presales design and validation in conjunction with Dell EMC and the customer.
  • Provided scaling options for growth and demonstrated the ease of which this could be achieved.
  • Delivered “vVol” storage functionality enabling more granular provisioning (VM specific) while eliminating waste from risk of over provisioning storage as per “traditional” approach.
  • Introduced concept of isolated fabrics to avoid the need for greater front end connectivity due to an existing platform being direct connect.

‍Core Technology

DellEMC Powermax 8000

Client Benefits

  • Continued use of a familiar technology.
  • Respond faster to on going business processes
  • Dramatically improved performance and reduced latency.
  • Greater than anticipated Data Reduction values meaning better than expected €/GB costs.
  • Reduced management costs due to management of a single Tier 1 platform.

If you would like to know more about the above project or any other Asystec projects please feel free to reach out to our team on info@asystec.ie.

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