VSAN Ready Nodes

Company Name: Confidential Country: Belfast, N IIndustry: Medical Number of Employees: 10,000 across NI Key Vendor(s): VMware

Business Requirements

The Scope of this Project was to design and build two vSAN ReadyNodes clusters in each of the customers Datacentres for the purposes of housing several of their VMware Horizon workloads.

The Delivery

  • Design and implement two vSAN ReadyNode clusters
  • Provide a Project plan, LLD, LCW, As Built configuration document and Test and Acceptance Document

What Did We Do?

Asystec personnel worked closely with Customer’s staff to perform the services specified below:

  • Gathered customer environment information in customer workshops
  • Worked with the customer to produce an LLD to include all technical details required to be used during the deployment and implementation phase.
  • Created a LCW configuration setting that needed to be mapped to both Datacentres
  • Created diagrams of rack configuration and cabling to be completed.
  • Created documentation for Test and Acceptance plan.
  • Mapped out VMware Horizon Integration
  • Implemented the design by:
  • iLO configuration
  • Installation of firmware’s to comply with VMware HCL
  • ESXi Deployments on 12 nodes
  • Implement new vCenter
  • vSAN Cluster creation
  • vSAN Cluster configurations based on design doc
  • Configuration of vDS for vSAN traffic
  • Configuration of workload networks on vDS

Core Technology

VMware licencing

Client Benefits

  • The customer was reaching their capacity on their current infrastructure. Following their engagement with Asystec they have now increased the capacity on their systems to futureproof their systems.
  • The client can now operate at a much higher capacity with lower risk of outage, delivering much needed services to their clients.

If you would like to know more about the above project or any other Asystec projects please feel free to reach out to our team on info@asystec.ie.

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