Workflow Consolidation and Datacentre Move

Company Name: Confidential Country: Ireland/USA Industry: Telecommunications Number of Employees: 400+ Key Vendor(s): Dell Technologies, Brocade, Microsoft

Business Requirements

Customer was engaged in Tech refresh of their tier 1 storage Platforms in both Ireland and the US. They also had several ongoing production issues which were difficult to diagnose.

The Delivery

  • Asystec with Dell assistance carried out a comprehensive sizing exercise taking legacy workloads as well as future projected growth into account to propose a solution.
  • Asystec also qualified the Migration effort as well as delivered on-site specialist services to fully migrate the customer to the new storage platform.

What Did We Do?

Asystec provided technical resources, analysis and delivery of the solution, including:

  • Fully size and qualify new platform
  • Fully qualify migration approach and outline required effort
  • Carried out full assessment of Compute, as well as SAN environment
  • Remediation of SAN and Compute environments based on output from assessment
  • Once migration readiness achieved, planned migration
  • Onsite delivery of migration

Core Technology


Client Benefits

  • Consolidation of legacy workloads onto modernised platform resulting in easier management and improved reporting capabilities
  • Hugely improved performance and reliability of application based on remediation work carried out prior to migration
  • Time savings due to reduced complexity of new environment and elimination of several performance bottlenecks, thus reducing troubleshooting man-hours

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