Get all the benefits of the cloud whilst ensure efficiency and governance

Cloud Efficiency & Governance

The Challenge

With the significant benefits of multi-cloud deployments, many operational challenges arise as a result.

The Promise

Survey results suggest that 71% of respondents believe that the cloud will deliver the improved speed of service delivery, whilst 63% believe the cloud will give them the flexibility to react to changing markets.

The Reality

Unfortunately, survey results indicate that 80% will overshoot their cloud IaaS budgets, and 50% will accidentally expose data or services.

The Solution

The Asystec Cloud Cost management solution (powered by CloudHealth) provides a platform that can provide you with a trusted 3rd party perspective on cost allocation, custom dashboards, reserved instancedutilization, zombie assets and unattached volumes discovery, migration assessments, rightsizing recommendations and health checks across a Multi-cloud environment including AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, VMWare on-prem, and many others.

The Asystec Multi-Cloud Managed Service

Asystec provides our own Multi-cloud cloud management service powered by CloudHealth to deliver the following benefits to your organisation:

  • Perspectives: Dynamic Allocation & Costs Using Metadata
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Reserved Instance Utilisation Reports
  • Health Check Reports
  • Migration Assessments
  • Rightsizing Recommendations
  • Multi-Cloud Cost Reports (AWS, Azure, GCP, On-Prem)
  • AWS EC2 Convertible Instance Exchanger
  • Governance: “Turn the Lights Out” Automation
  • Automated Policy Engine
  • Assessment, Design, Deployment and Integration Services Available
  • Security & Governance Alerts and Recommendations
  • Product & Operational Support Options Available


CloudHealth Technologies is a hybrid management software provider designed to help an organisation increase its visibility into and across public and private cloud infrastructure. The CloudHealth platform also allows an IT team to manage resource utilisation and costs across those cloud environments.

With the Asystec Multi-cloud management service, powered by CloudHealth, you can now utilise interactive reporting and automation features to reduce cloud costs and maximise ROI. The solution offers enhanced visibility based on application, workload and environment to optimise performance.

Asystec provides a managed service that supports multi-cloud operations and is designed to provide cost analysis, chargeback, rightsizing and best practice recommendations.

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