Secure the infrastructure, protect compute, storage, data base services, networking  against attacks and intrusions

Cloud Security, Identity & Access

Since all public cloud vendors operate on a shared responsibility model for security, it is important to seek guidance on your responsibility as a customer.

Asystec can advise you how to tackle areas such as Access Management, Identity, SSO, MFA, RBAC Traceability, Network controls, Malware protection, Database protection, Encryption, Data isolation, security automation, Zero Trust security, security monitoring, and data governance.

“According to Gartner, through 2025, 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault and 90% of the organisations that fail to control public cloud use will inappropriately share sensitive data”

- Is the Cloud Secure? Gartner, October 2019 -

Our Cloud Security Solutions

AWS Cloud Security

AWS has developed a "Well-Architected Framework "that will provide architectural best practices for designing and operating reliable, secure, efficient and cost-effective workloads in the cloud. The framework outlines the necessary steps that should always be applied at organisational and workload levels from a security perspective. These include the following:

  • Identify and prioritise risks using a threat model
  • Evaluate and implement new security services and features regularly
  • Keep up to date with security recommendations
  • Keep up to date with security threats
  • Automate testing and validation of security controls in pipelines 

AZURE Cloud Security

Azure also provides a "Well-Architected Framework "that is a set of guiding tenets that can be used to improve the quality of workloads in the cloud. Security is one of the five pillars in the framework. This provides guidelines for the confidentiality, integrity and protection best practice measures to mitigate attacks and abuse of data and systems. Microsoft outlines three key strategies as follows:

  • Establish a Modern Perimeter
  • Modernise Infrastructure Security

VMWARE Secure State

Reducing misconfigurations, monitoring malicious activity, and preventing unauthorised access are foundational activities necessary to ensure security and compliance of applications and data in the cloud. As criminals become more sophisticated in their abilities to exploit cloud misconfiguration vulnerabilities, security teams need a smarter approach to prevent security breaches.

VMware Secure State is intelligent cloud security and compliance monitoring platform that helps organisations reduce risk and protect millions of cloud resources by remediating security violations and scaling best practices at cloud speed.

  • Identify
  • Build
  • Automate
  • Empower

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