Converged Infrastructure is one of the leading technologies that combine Asystec’s skillsets across virtualisation, compute, storage and networking

Converged Infrastructure

What is Converged Infrastructure(CI)?

Converged infrastructure (CI) combines compute, storage and networking as pre-tested and validated turnkey offerings. CI allows organisations to pool resources in centralised platforms eliminating expensive 1:1 business application silo’s. CI provides you with a convergence of administrative skill sets and management efficiencies that makes CI a key driver for successful adoption.

CI was established due to the market requiring infrastructure that was pre-built, pre-tested and provided predictable results, ultimately providing an infrastructure that does “exactly what it says on the tin”. You can easily eliminate the risk and predict the costs with an infrastructure where both software and hardware are shipped fully integrated. Asystec works with Dell EMC, VMware, and Cisco to bring the very best converged infrastructure solutions to the market.

Why Converged Infrastructure?

Fast Deployment – Converged infrastructures come complete with all of the pre-packaged components needed to operate an infrastructure – from networking to cabling, virtualised storage, and beyond. These various pieces are all pre-configured by certified experts, allowing for much more seamless system deployment.

Reduced Deployment Risk –Parallel to a streamlined deployment, converged infrastructures also help companies reduce the risks and unexpected costs associated with deployments.

Maintenance and Support – A tested and validated design offers assurance when it comes to performance power and longevity. You also gain access to continued support, including coding updates, software patches, and even new software versions.

Simplified Management – One system allows for a single point of management for your entire infrastructure. Also, one vendor eliminates the many complex support contracts, and one supplier can address any concerns that arise in a more timely manner.

Scale With Ease – Ability to scale up or down to match organisational requirements with no significant planning or configurations required.


Asystec takes pride in the fact that we are always at the leading edge of infrastructure solutions. We select technologies based on the belief that they are the best solutions for our customers. CI is one of the leading technologies that combine Asystec’s skillsets across virtualisation, compute, storage and networking. We hold certifications across Dell EMC, Cisco and VMware Storage, Compute and Networking platforms. Our professional services engineering team has extensive experience designing, implementing and operationalizing converged solutions that fit your requirements.


Dell EMC offers the industry’s broadest converged infrastructure solution portfolio. The VxBlock System 1000 is the next generation of converged infrastructure, specifically designed to deliver greater business agility, improved Datacentre efficiency and better operational simplicity, one system that offers the unprecedented choice to meet all your workload requirements.

  • Mix up to five different storage types, blade and rackservers, SAN and LAN switches, and a range of data protection options
  • Rely on a trusted single point of support for all integrated technologies
  • Dramatically simplify operations with converged management, automated workflows and lifecycle assurance
  • Move to the private cloud faster with the newest addition to the Dell EMC Integrated Cloud Platforms portfolio.


Cisco’s unified computing system is ready to power your Datacentre on the Internet of everything.

Let application thrive

With Cisco UCS, you can tune your environment to support the unique needs of each application while powering all your server workloads on a centrally managed, highly scalable system.

Innovate and accelerate

Cisco UCS integrated infrastructure solutions speed up IT operations today and create the modern technology foundation you need for initiatives like private cloud big data and desktop virtualisation.

Do more with less

Cisco brings the flexibility of virtualised systems to the physical world in a way no other server architecture can, lowering and improving ROI.

If you want to simplify IT infrastructure with an all-in-one converged system, contact Asystec today.

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