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Data Protection

What is Data Protection?

Data is expanding and unpredictable with more data, apps, devices and users, making it more challenging to protect and leading to fragmented data protection solutions.

The reality is that most companies manage their applications and data in multiple places: from on-premises traditional infrastructures to virtualised environments to hybrid and public clouds.

As a result of this exponential data growth, along with regulatory compliance, strict service-level agreements, and shrinking backup windows, companies are having to rethink their data protection methods.

These conditions call for a data protection strategy that acknowledges the current landscape and protects data across them all because you will likely need to save more than one of these environments for some time.

Ensuring users have the data they need to conduct business even if the data is damaged or lost is the goal. We can achieve it through a comprehensive strategy for valuing, cataloguing and protecting information assets from application and user errors, malware and virus attacks, machine failures, or facility outages and disruptions.

Why do You Need to Protect Your Data?

Data capital is increasingly being seen as an extremely valuable asset that can be a source of competitive advantage for organisations.

Those who recognise and leverage the value of data convert it into real-time actionable insights to uncover patterns and pursue breakthrough ideas. In turn, they become more successful in an increasingly competitive business landscape.

You need to protect your data from the edge to core to cloud across multiple RPO and RTO levels in a secure environment to meet Business continuity requirements and minimise the risk to your business.


We can modernise, secure and protect your data — no matter where it resides.

Using technologies ranging from replication to airgap, backup and archive that improve uptime and avoid data loss.

We can deliver protection based on the value of the data and service levels that align to business objectives.

Contact Asystec today to see how we can modernise your data protection strategy.

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