Managed virtual desktop solution, hosted from a cloud Datacentre such as AWS, Azure, or Google cloud

Desktop As a Service (DaaS)

What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

Desktop-as-a-Service (“DaaS”) is a managed virtual desktop solution, hosted from a cloud Datacentre such as AWS, Azure, or Google cloud. This is a multi-tenant service, whereby you share certain infrastructure with other customers, meaning that less dedicated infrastructure results in cost savings.

The DaaS provider is responsible for keeping the core services running is this environment, and for  patching and upgrading that environment. Customers typically manage their own virtual desktop images, applications and security.

DaaS does not require any on-premise infrastructure to deployed into your organisation, unless you wish to manage existing on-premises virtual desktops also. In this case you would need to deploy “cloud connectors” in your Datacentres.

What are the benefits of DaaS?

Flexibility: You get the scale of cloud and can scale up and down as needed in multiple global locations, without CAPEX hardware investments and hourly billing instead.

Management: The control plane is totally managed by the provider so you don’t need to worry about updates, and you automatically get access to new features.

Cost: Just like other cloud services, DaaS moves the cost from CAPEX to OPEX. Cost is transparent, and easier to anticipate. In addition, when combined with a BYOD strategy, your CAPEX costs can be reduced dramatically.

Security: Just like VDI, the data and apps are located in the Datacentre, so it’s easier to keep everything secure.

Which is better? Horizon Cloud, Citrix Cloud or Window Virtual Desktop?

All of the above are very comparable DaaS offerings, but each have their own strengths, some of which will be more relevant depending on your existing technology stack and your future technology roadmap.

In choosing a DaaS provider, there are several factors to consider, for example from whether you have a hybrid, cloud or multi-cloud strategy, how easy it is to scale up and down, how each solution fits in with your application delivery solution, to whether you need to integrate with other components such as software defined networking.

Asystec’s EUC team are well versed on the pro’s and cons of each solution and work closely with specialist Asystec cloud delivery teams. We can assist you in defining, designing and delivering your chosen DaaS solution.

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