Get sensible procurement decisions and leverage maximum benefits from your IT investment.

IT Maintenance and Support

IT Maintenance and Support

The effective management of IT assets throughout their lifespan is a vital function that presents many organisations. Asystec has a dedicated asset management team that takes a proactive, structured approach towards managing both your hardware and software assets. We can streamline your estate to help you ensure compliance, make sensible procurement decisions and leverage maximum benefits from your IT investment.

Common Renewal Issues

60-70% of quotes we receive from suppliers have an error of some description. Examples of these errors are:

  • Pricing
  • Serial Numbers
  • Support Dates
  • Level of Cover

Why you may need for a dedicated Renewals Manager?

  • Ordinarily no one person to oversee this in an organisation – lack of time, varied responsibilities;
  • Some customers don’t even know their renewal is coming up meaning they are in danger of losing support and paying re-instatement fees;
  • This also means that they cannot put an accurate budget in place for renewals each quarter;
  • Because customers can have renewals with many different vendors, often they are unaware of the different processes and procedures that the individual vendors have in place. This is important for all stages of the renewal from quotation through to placing an order;

Why Asystec?

We provide a Structured Process

  • Monitor support end dates on new equipment and software
  • Work with you to make sure you are happy with the level of support you are receiving and help to resolve issues
  • Provide secure solutions around part retention and destruction
  • Provide secure disposal solutions for equipment that is end of life
  • Allow you to reclaim value on some old equipment
  • We provide a complete end-to-end solution for your equipment that is customized to suit the needs of your business

Responsible Data Sanitation & Recycling

  • Zero Landfill Policy
  • Data is shredded, degaussed and erased
  • Material sorted by type
  • Shipped to Approved Refiners
  • Fully Audited Process

Asystec can help you in any direction

  • Start small
  • Review estate
  • Look at budgets
  • Up-coming renewal
  • Co-term dates

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