Software defined datacentre solutions and services to manage your application or hardware as virtual machines

SDDC (A Software-Defined Datacentre)

What is a Software defined datacentre solutions (SDDS)?

A Software-Defined Datacentre (SDDC) architecture enables a fully automated, zero-downtime infrastructure for any application and any hardware, now and in the future. SDDC uses virtualisation technologies so all infrastructure services become as inexpensive and easy to provision and manage as virtual machines.

By virtualising a Datacentre, all of the resources of the system – including computing, storage, and networking – can be “abstracted” and represented in a software form.

See below for a overview of the Asystec Cloud & Infrastructure Solutions Portfolio or click on the video to the right to hear Asystec Lead Systems Engineer, Jonathan D’Arcy discuss the portfolio in greater detail.

Do you need SDDC?

  • Is your organisation struggling to deliver new services to customers to maintain competitiveness in the market?
  • Are you facing increased pressure to consider moving to SaaS and IaaS based cloud providers to improve time to market?
  • Are hardware-defined solutions creating flexibility problems in your environment?
  • Are you looking to move to a self-service, multi-tenanted, IT-as-a-service consumption model for infrastructure but don’t know where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, introducing a Software-Defined Data Centre would greatly benefit your organisation.

The benefits of SDDC

In a software-defined data centre, policy-driven automation enables provisioning and ongoing management of logical compute, storage and network services resulting in unprecedented agility and efficiency, with flexibility to support hardware and applications for today and tomorrow. Benefits include:

Cost savings

SDDC technology helps attain new levels of infrastructure utilisation and staff productivity, substantially reducing capital expenditures and operating costs.

Improved speed

Enabling deployment of applications in minutes or even seconds with policy-driven provisioning that dynamically matches resources to continually changing workloads and business demands.

Business-aware IT control

Driving right availability, security and compliance for every application via automated business continuity, policy-based governance and virtualisation-aware security and compliance.


SDDC can be leveraged as a private, hybrid or public cloud with infrastructure fully abstracted from applications, so they can run on multiple hardware stacks, hypervisors and clouds.

How Asystec can help your business

There are six major SDDC building blocks that Asystec can assist you with:


Network virtualisation combines network resources by splitting the available bandwidth into independent channels that can each be assigned/reassigned to a particular server/device in real time.


Server virtualisation masks server resources, including the number and identity of individual physical servers, processors and operating systems, from server users. The intention is to spare users from managing complicated server-resource details. It also increases resource sharing and utilisation, while maintaining the ability to expand capacity at a later date.

Operations Management

Ensures uptime with Performance, Health & capacity monitoring of your entire Hybrid cloud environment. Moving from a reactive monitoring tool to a proactive management tool that utilises predictive analytics to identify potential capacity or performance issues in your SDDC.


Storage virtualisation pools physical storage from multiple network storage devices into what appears to be a single storage device managed from a central console.


Provides a self-service catalog for all IT services, from single micro-services, up to multi-machine application and infrastructure blueprints. These blueprints can be delivered consistently, embedding security policy, and deployed to on-prem or public cloud environments with 3rd party integrations and approval workflows.


Allows organisations to provide IT as a service to multiple cost centres and subsidiaries with a showback or chargeback model to ensure costs are accurately tracked and managed.

The dedicated Asystec cloud infrastructure solutions team can offer you SDDC expertise to transform your business. Ask our team how VMware Cloud Foundation, vSan, NSX, vRealize Operations, vRealize Automation, and vRealize Business can help you deliver a fully automated Software-defined Datacentre, inclusive of assessments, professional services, managed services to ensure a successful implementation.

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